Russian Partners of the Project

Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU), Perm

Perm National Research Polytechnic University is one of the biggest higher technical institutions in Russia. There are 10 faculties in the structure of the university and 25000 students studying here. Graduates of PNRPU become the employees of the largest industrial enterprises at mining, gas transmission, petrochemical and other industries.

The Department of Innovative technologies of engineering production conducts training of bachelors in “Design and technological support of engineering production”. Annual intake to the undergraduate studies accounts to 85 persons. Bachelors will continue their education at MA course according to the following programs: “Engineering technology of the computerized production” and “Technology of quality control for computerized production”.

The department is equipped with modern high-tech facilities and software for designing products and working out technological processes, utilizing multi-axial programmable machining center.
Russian partner universities perform the main part of work in the Project. Every partner participates in elaboration of MA course curriculum, harmonization of educational modules, training courses organized by European Project partners, creation and publishing of training materials for MA course.

PNRPU will open MA course and 2 APE programs. It will define related to MA course bachelor and master programs and will introduce certain disciplines into them.

PNRPU will coordinate Russian partner universities’ work over all arrangements in the frames of the given range of issues, coordinate work on organization and conducting of internal training of teachers and experts of the partner enterprise and organize work on formation of competence model of future specialist (graduate of MA course).

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Coordinator of the Project in PRNPU:
Vinokurov Nikolay Vladimirovich
Junior Researcher of “Innovative Technologies of Mechanical Engineering” Department of Perm National Research Polytechnic University
Perm, 15, Akademika Koroleva Str.
Phone: (342) 219 81 93
            (342) 219 81 23

Manager of MA course:
Karmanov Vadim Vladimirovich – Head of “Innovative Technologies of Mechanical Engineering” Department, Dr. of Sc., Professor.
Phone./Fax: +7 (342) 2–391–508



Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU), Saint-Petersburg

Since its' foundation in 1899 SPbSPU is one of the leading politechnical universities in Russia. Today SPSPU comprises 12 Institutes in Engineering, Computer Science, Technical Physics, Economics and Humanities and 1 University College. SPbSPU is composed of over 30,000 students and more than 3,000 of academic staff. In 2010 SPbSPU received a prestigious status of National Research University. University has 5 Master Degree programs and 2 Bachelor level semester programs with instruction in English as well as International Engineering Summer School. SPbSPU has 327 Agreements on Cooperation including 204 with European Partners. In 2012 more then 3,000 full time and 416 (334 European) incoming exchange international students studied at the University. Internationalization of the educational programme curricular and integration with the European Higher Educational Area would be an important contribution to the realisation of the SPbSPU development strategy.

SPBSPU will participate in work on development and agreement of MA course curriculum, harmonization of disciplines, development of teaching materials, APE programs. Teachers of SPBSPU will take part in training courses at European and Russian universities. SPBSPU will organize and conduct internal teachers’ training.

The Saint-Petersburg university will open MA course and organize intake of students to this program. Teachers of SPBSPU will participate in development and approval of specialist’s (MA course graduate) competence model.

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Coordinator of the Project in SPbPU:
Stolyarova Natalya Arkadyevna,
PhD, Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Academic Mobility
Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University
195251, Saint-Petersburg, 29, Polytechnic Str.
Phone.: +7 (812) 534 10 02
Fax.: +7 (812) 534 13 65
+7 (812) 290 99 93

Manager of MA course Program:
Radkevich Mikhail Mikhailovich
Dr. of Sc., Professor
Head of “Technology of Construction Materials and Materials Technology” Department
Phone. (812) 5529302



South-Urals State University (SUSU), Chelyabinsk

45000 students study at SUSU. In the structure of the university there are Institute of International Education, Institute of Additional Education and industrial park. Priority directions of university’s development include: resources effective technologies of creation and exploitation of naval ballistic rocket complexes; supercomputer and grid-technologies for solving problems of energy- and resource-saving.

At the department of engineering technology of SUSU training according to five MA course programs has been realized, methodological support has been made for 25 innovative disciplines.

The department participates in development of its own educational standard, named as “Perspective technologies and automated control technological systems”, including elaboration of exemplary main educational program on its base.

More than 20 collections of general engineering standards for cutting conditions and technical standards of practically all machining operations have been prepared.

The role of SUSU in the Project is to participate in elaboration of MA course curriculum, harmonization of educational modules, creation and publishing of training materials, to introduce the whole developed MA course and its’ certain educational modules in related Bachelor and Master programs, open a minimum of two APE programs. SUSU teachers will participate in training courses organized by the European Project partners and in development and approval of specialist’s competence model.

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Manager of MA course program, SUSU manager of the Project:
Guzeev Victor Ivanovich – Head of Technology of Engineering Department, Dr. of Sc., Professor.
Office phone: +7(351)-267-92-73
Fax: +7(351)-267-92-73
Mobile phone: +7-904-947-64-38



National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), Tomsk

Tomsk Polytechnic University is one of the largest technical higher educational establishments in Russia. By the recent rating of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, TPU was ranked second among technical and technological universities of Russia. The University consists of 7 scientific and educational institutes, 4 educational institutes, more than 100 departments. TPU provides training to 22,000 students including international students in 55 Bachelor Programmes, 74 Programmes for Qualified Specialists, and 52 Master Programmes. For the past ten years Tomsk Polytechnic University has developed and implemented 13 Double Degree educational programmes in cooperation with foreign universities.

The university has over 17-years experience in promoting international collaboration. TPU is a member of 12 international associations and consortiums and cooperates with more than 130 partners in 30 countries under more than 200 agreements.

At the stage of development of the MA course curriculum lecturers and specialists of TPU are responsible for elaboration of one educational module. TPU will participate in harmonization of educational modules, in creation and publishing of training materials. This university will introduce the whole developed MA course and its certain educational modules in related Bachelor and Master programs. TPU teachers will participate in training courses organized by the European Project partners. In addition, TPU will organize and conduct internal teachers’ training.

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Coordinator of the Project in TPU:
Head of the Department of the Elite Technical Education
Associate Professor of “Optimization of Management Systems” Department
Zamyatina Oksana Mikhailovna
Phone.: 8 (3822) 56-36-27

Manager of MA course program:
Head of “Automation and Robotization in Engineering” Department, PhD.
Bukhanchenko Sergey Evgenyevich
634050, Tomsk, 30, Lenin Avenue
+7 (3822) 419674



“Aviadvigatel” Public Corporation, Perm

Aviadvigatel Open Stock Company is known worldwide as the leading design bureau in Russia specializing in developing civil and military aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines and electric power plants utilizing the aero-engine technologies.

The Company from its foundation date in 1939 till 1953 developed a family of powerful star-type air cooled piston engines which are used to power the airplanes developed by Polikarpov, Tupolev, Sukhoi, Lavochkin, Ilijushin, Antonov and helicopters developed by Mil and Jakovlev playing an important role both in the WW II victory and in the post-war period.

One of the best domestic bypass turbine aero-engines - PS-90A was designed by the company and certified in 1992. The engine is mounted on civil transport aircrafts Tu-204 and Il-96-300. Another key activity of the company is the development of industrial aero-derivative gas turbines.

Within the framework of the developed MA course participation of industrial enterprises’ specialists in educational process is supposed. One of the main responsibilities of OJSC “Aviadvigatel” experts in the Project is to take part in generation of the competence model for the graduated specialist in the sphere of ensuring of product life cycle technological processes efficiency. Aviadvigatel will also participate in elaboration of certain parts of MA course training materials set (namely, practical and independent tasks, cases, topics for diploma theses) and will create and realize a program of students’ practical studies. Aviadvigatel’ specialists will be involved as guest speakers and experts into the educational process within the framework of Master program, in particular, in practical and individual work of students at universities’ and industrial sites of the enterprise.

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Association of Technical Universities of RF

The basic directions of the TUA activity include innovative development of university technical education, support of the integration of all levels’ technical education into the international educational system and international scientific society, generation of integrated level of the technical university status and content of education demands, demands made for the equivalence of technical universities diploma. Other directions of its activity are the development of scientific-methodological base and quality improvement of training specialists in technical universities, joining of efforts and initiatives of Association members aimed at methodological, scientific, cultural-enlightening and social work of technical universities, as well as protection and representation of their interests in society, in legislative authorities, governments, public and international organizations.

This partner’s main responsibilities in the Project will be to provide the endorsement and approval of the elaborated MA course training materials by the Council of RF higher institutions’ methodological association; to disseminate the information about the Project and its main results through the information channels of Technical Universities Association, Council of methodological association and RF Ministry of education and science, by making reports at the meetings of TUA Council and MA Council, and publishing the materials of the project in collections of TUA and MA.

Manager of Project work from RF Association of technical Universities:
Timofeev Victor Borisovich
Head of the Department of International Academic Development, Associate professor
Phone: +7(916)5280592



The European partners of the project


University of Applied Sciences - FH JOANNEUM (Graz, Auatria)

With its highly specialized degree programmes in the areas of international business and technology, information engineering, mobility, media and design, social services and public health, FH JOANNEUM is one of Austria's leading Universities of Applied Sciences. The degree programmes are offered at university level and aim at a professional training on a scientific basis. The Centres for Research & Development serve as important links between the different departments of FH JOANNEUM and the business world, ensuring that students receive practice-oriented training at the cutting edge of methodology. FHJ is run in the legal form of a limited liability company and has developed a leading position in R&D among Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences and has successfully carried out numerous research & development projects for institutions and companies. The linkage between the labour market and FH JOANNEUM is very well developed and highly appreciated by all stakeholders.

FH JOANNEUM acts as applicant and coordinating institution of this project. Therefore, the general project management as well as administrative activities related to the Project is the responsibility of FH JOANNEUM. FH JOANNEUM will co-ordinate the day to day activities, will be responsible for general project administration and financial management and will prepare interim and final Project reports. FHJ will play an important role in dissemination and quality assurance activities. As university of applied sciences FH JOANNEUM will also provide academic input for the development of training material. FHJ has collected experience in other TEMPUS projects and is very well connected with international partner universities. The network of FH JOANNEUM will be used to gather information about the topic and to disseminate the results.

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AALTO University (Espoo, Finland)

Aalto University was established in 2010 by a merger of three universities. It is strongly future-oriented while at the same time building on the combined 300-year-history of three highly-regarded universities.

The department of Engineering Design and Production is a part of Aalto University School of Engineering. The department integrates Machine Design, Production Engineering, Cast Products Technology, Engineering Materials and Vehicle Engineering. The strength of the department is multidisciplinary approach and tradition.

Engineering Materials educates experts in materials science and welding technology for industry and research needs. The research is focused on development of high-strength steels and their applications, as well as failure mechanisms of steels and other materials.
Product Development group research areas are CAD/CAE, which focuses on computer-aided design and simulation of products, early development process and system engineering and integrated product development.

Aalto University organizes and carries out training course for teachers of Russian partner universities with the aim of the development of the international MA course program in Russian partner universities in the spheres of CAD/CAM, CAE, Methods of testing physical and mechanical properties of materials and end products, including testing residual technological stress and Methods of studying of the structure of materials. Aalto University takes part in the evaluation of MA course curriculum by the mentioned disciplines, provides with experts’ opinion on specific fields of the developed competence model, and takes part in regular project dissemination and coordination activities.

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Reutlingen University (Reutlingen, Germany)

Reutlingen University was founded in 1855. It the meantime it is a University of Applied Sciences with 5 Schools: Business School, School of Engineering, School of Textiles and Design, School of Applied Chemistry and School of Informatics. Most of the study courses in Reutlingen deal with engineering and business/management. At the moment the University has 5200 students out of which 1230 are international students, 160 full professors and 250 part-time faculty from industry. At present the University is ranked among the German Universities of Applied Sciences 1st in Business, 2nd in Business Engineering, 1st 6th in Mechanical Engineering.

Reutlingen University is one of Germany’s most international universities. It has a range of partnerships, including international cooperations, school cooperations and Erasmus cooperations.

Reultilgen University will first of all assist the Russian partner universities in elaboration of competence-based MA course curriculum. Reutlingen’s responsibility is to give an expert opinion on the content of MA course training materials (especially the disciplines on apllying CAD/CAM/CAE- and PLM-systems) and to share the experience in used methods of teaching, to acquaint the Russian partner universities with home curricula and syllabi in the sphere of Engineering. Reutlingen will participate in harmonization of some educational modules of elaborated MA course.

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TCM International Tool Consulting & Management GmbH (Stainz, Austria)

TCM has been a successful worldwide Tool Management company for decades. With more than 450 employees in 8 Service Centers and 32 operating centers in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, The Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, Brazil and China, TCM has worldwide sales of nearly 70 million Euros.

As a manufacturer-independent technology partner, TCM International guarantees its customers a technical edge in the highly specialized field of Tool Management. Through the continuous optimization of processes and the support of our Tool Experts, the implementation of the highest quality tools from the international marketplace and a systemically standardized and tool-saving optimization of tools, TCM creates added economic value and sustainability for its' customers. A vast network of partners as well as continuous research and development through the internal team of Technological Engineers guarantee a leading position of TCM in the industry.

TCM main responsibility in the project is to organize and carry out a training course for Russian teachers and experts on the problems of products ‘processing on the programmable working machines and to acquaint Russian partner universities with methods of training in the frames of additional professional education programs.

TCM will provide Russian partner universities with methodological assistance in developing APE programs and in creating plans for practical and self work of students for MA course.

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