Project participants

The international Project “Success” is realized with the participation of Russian and European partners, including universities, organizations and industrial enterprises.



FH Joanneum – 
University of Applied Sciences
(Graz, Austria.)

Aalto University 
(Espoo , Finland)

Reutlingen University
(Reutlingen, Germany)

Perm National
Research Polytechnic
University (PNRPU),

National Research
Tomsk Polytechnic
University (TPU),

State Polytechnic
University (SPbPU),

South-Urals State
University (SUSU),

Aviadvigatel Public
(Perm, Russia)

Association of Technical
Universities of RF

TCM International Tool
Consulting & Management GmbH
(Stainz, Austria)


The consortium has been formed with regard to the objectives and goals of the project. Four large Russian national research technical universities have been involved as participants. All these universities have the highly developed research and technological base as well as the financial possibilities required for the achievement of the project goals. Furthermore, the geographical location of the Russian universities and their scale of cooperation with industrial enterprises of the corresponding regions were taken into account, thus guaranteeing sustainability and the efficient distribution of the project results.

The role of the Russian Partner Universities first of all consists of the development and introduction of an international MA course program, the creation of stable contacts between graduates and potential employers through APE (Advanced Professional Education) programs and the involvement of students in real projects through their participation in project groups formed during the educational process.

The European Partner Universities were selected according to their utility both for the development of the curriculum for the MA course and for the harmonization of single modules with the MA curricula of foreign Partner Universities. Their experience with industrial enterprises during the realization of praxis-oriented MA course programs and programs of further professional training was also taken into consideration.

Since industrial enterprises can be considered the main beneficiaries of the results achieved by an international MA course and the APEs developed during the project, their representatives’ involvement at all stages of the project is assured - from the coordination of the MA course curriculum contents and the assessment of students’ competences to direct participation in the realization of practical work and the verification of the educational process. The size of the company, the level of technological development and the eagerness for cooperation in the field of personnel training were taken into account when “Aviadvigatel” Public Corporation was chosen as the Russian industrial Partner Enterprise of the project.

One of the project participants is the Russian Association of Technical Universities (ATU). Representatives of this non-profit organization take part at all stages of the project as experts and consultants. Also, the participation of ATU renders the dissemination of information about the project in Russian technical universities possible.
The consortium also includes TCM GmbH, the largest European company providing services in the field of technological process development using modern tools and high-end methods. It also provides services in the field of APE for industrial enterprise specialists on the base of modular educational programs. The participation of this company in the project will allow the Russian Partner Universities to make the acquaintance with the European experience in APEs in the aforementioned field.