The realization of the project includes two main stages which have been attributed specific indicators of quality ensuring the achievement of the required results and the project’s overall efficiency.

1 . Development and introduction of an international MA course for specialist training in the field of ensuring of product lifecycle technological processes efficiency in Partner Universities:
- Opening of MA course in 4 Russian Universities during the second year of the project;
- Creation and publication of teaching materials on the 12 disciplines of the MA course program;
- 64 persons are accepted as students of MA course in Russian Partner-universities during the 2nd and 3d year of the project;
- 450 students of different forms and directions of education in Partner Universities use teaching materials of the MA course
- Further education :
    - 1) In European Partner Universities – 16 teachers from 4 Russian Universities and 6 experts of Russian Partner-Organizations ;
    - 2) In Russian Partner- Universities – 6 teachers from RF Universities and 2 experts from Russian Partner-Organizations;
    - 3) In native Universities (internal training) – 4 teachers.
- MA course disciplines amounting to 15 ECTS are harmonized with European programs of education and are being taught in Russian Partner Universities in English.

2. Development and introduction of APE (Advanced Professional Education) programs in the field of ensuring of product lifecycle technological processes efficiency.
- Realization of at least 2 APEs in all Russian Partner Universities during the second year of the Project
- Conclusion of 4 agreements (minimum 1 agreement at each Russian Partner- University) about cooperation with industrial enterprises on the joint realization of the MA course and advanced professional training for active specialists.

3. Formation of creative project groups including company representatives, experts and students.
- Formation of at least 4 creative project groups in Russian Partner- Universities
- Participation of 2 company representatives in students’ training within the MA course at every Russian Partner- University;
- Participation of 2 company representatives in the formation and evaluation of the master students’ competences at every Russian Partner-University.


Stages of the Project Realization

The first stage “Planning” (first year of the project) includes the development of the MA course curriculum according to the changed requirements of Russian legislation in the field of higher education and the demands of enterprises, potential employers (including the partner enterprises of the project). The second element of the planning stage is the coordination of the curriculum with internal and external interested parties (Project Partners) and the approval of the developed curriculum in accordance with the Russian legislation in the field of higher education. Also, the APE and special trainings of the students participating in the project groups will be developed during this stage.

During the second stage of the project (“introduction and realization” – second and third year of the project) measures towards the development and introduction of the new MA course for training specialists in the modern high-tech engineering production will be taken. The activities of the second stage include further training for teachers, the preparation of materials for lectures, practical work and seminars as well as the acquisition of logistical support for the realization of educational technologies for the MA course as specified by the curriculum, including the organization and execution on-line video conferences between the partner universities.