International MA course “Success”

Training specialists in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering production in times of continuous technological modernization is impossible without an improvement of educational programs within the reform of the Russian system of higher education. The main trend of this improvement is the development and introduction of educational programs which are based on advanced foreign experience from abroad;, the introduction of educational technologies allowing the efficient use of existing modern technology and research equipment; as well as the involvement of company representatives in all stages of the educational process at the Partner Universities and the development of a system of continuous further professional training for students and company representatives.

The project “Success” aims at the development of an international MA course program, named “Ensuring of Product Lifecycle Technological Process Efficiency”, and its realization in Russian Partner Universities according to the principle of networking interaction.

The project focuses on to the development of a system for training highly qualified specialists in the field of mechanical engineering using networking educational technologies and module programs, ensuring the inclusion of different universities and disciplines in the educational process and the involvement of employers at all stages of the students’ training.
The realization of the project combines the Russian Partner Universities’ efforts aimed at the development of an MA course program, allowing mobility in the student’s choice of a suitable partner university for the completion of specific modules, as well as the formation of university research groups including company representatives and students with the goal of realizing joint research projects and practical tasks within the educational process.

The application of the networking educational technologies within MA courses will allow students of different study fields access to the education in the MA course and increase efficiency of the use of existing technology and research equipment at partner universities.